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    Advanced Laser Systems & CNC Lasers

    Laser Modules for Industrial and Laboratory Applications

    Opt Lasers product lines include RGB lasers, fiber-coupled laser modules, laser diode driver units (laser diode controllers), TEC controllers, cooling modules and other laser components. We can also design and produce specialized custom laser modules tailored to your application.

    Custom Laser Systems and Modules

    Opt Lasers provides integrated laser systems and solutions for applications including instrumentation, microscopy, illumination, laser display, CNC laser engraving and cutting, as well as powering and cooling laser diodes.

    Laser Heads and Accessories for CNC Machines

    Our blue laser heads can be used to upgrade almost any type of CNC machine, for example a CNC router or a 3D printer. CNC machines upgraded with a laser head from Opt Lasers can be used for laser cutting and engraving, for example laser engraving of leather and textiles as well as wood and wood-based materials. We offer various models of engraving lasers as well as full CNC laser add-on kits, including laser upgrade kits for CNC machines such as LEAD, Shapeoko, Stepcraft, WorkBee and X Carve among other variants.

  • Laser Engraving Equipment

    High-Performance Laser Engraving Equipment

    Take a look at our new website dedicated to engraving lasers.

    To meet the expectations of CNC machines' and CNC lasers' users we created a website focused on laser engraving equipment. Here you will find ready-made kits for popular CNC machines like X-Carve, Stepcraft, i2R, CNC4NEWBIE, Shapeoko, WorkBee, LEAD, Acro OpenBuilds, Avid CNC, Onefinity, Prusa 3DP and many other ones.

    Expand your knowledge of laser engraving and laser cutting. Discover how to engrave transparent materials such as glass and plexiglass, how to prepare wood before engraving to achieve the best results, or what laser head can engrave metals. Find out which laser is the best one for your application.

Laser Diode Modules

Free Space

Free space Laser Module

Modules characterized by colimated laser light, integrated laser diode drivers and optical power from 0.5 to 20 W.

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Fiber Coupled

Fiber coupled Laser Module

Modules characterized by laser light coupled into optical fiber, integrated laser diode drivers and optical power from 0.5 to 16 W.

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Multiwavelenght Laser Module

This category features both fiber coupled and free space modules with multi coloured light output, integrated laser diode driver.

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Drivers and Controllers

Laser Diode Drivers

Laser diode driver

Constant current drivers with 3.3-48 V and 0-10 A output and high modulation speed.

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TEC Controllers

Temperature TEC controller programable

Programable and analog Peltier cells controllers with currents up to 20 A.

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About Us

Opt Lasers is a high-tech company that manufactures semiconductor laser modules, laser diode drivers, and TEC controllers. Our mission is to revolutionize the diode laser market with the highest quality and durability products. Therefore the team of specialists is always ready to help you with your specific application.

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