Custom Made Drivers  

Customized Laser Diode Drivers

Opt Lasers is capable of delivering customized laser diode controllers including those with demanding requirements. We are uniquely able to go from an idea to a manufactured product in as little time as 5 weeks. Customized laser drivers can be cost-effective for either a small or large quantity.

As an OEM supplier, we have delivered laser drivers in the past with the following features:

  • High current and/or high voltage
  • Highly efficient (low heat) designs
  • Compact dimensions (we can adapt dimensions to the customer's request)
  • Ability to be powered by a specific PSU voltage
  • TEC Controllers on the same PCB
  • Multiple channels controlled independently by TTL or analog input
  • Short rise and fall times
  • Integration such as a touch screen interface

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for a custom product. We can work with you from helping to define what you may need, to advise on implementing the laser drivers in your system.

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