High Power Fiber Cables  

Normally fiber patch cables with connectors such as SMA can only tolerate around 1 W of power. Several hundred milliwatts of leaked power can heat the epoxy inside the ferrule causing the epoxy to liquify and cover the end face, which in turn leads to attenuation, localized heating, and quick power degradation. In contrast, high power fiber cables are designed to operate in high power applications. They feature air gap ferrule technology that lacks energy-absorbing materials around the fiber end faces. In addition, both ends are coated with an anti-reflection coating in the 400-700 nm range. The damage threshold of the coating is >1 MW/cm2, however this threshold varies depending on launch conditions and operating wavelength.


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    This is a high-power fiber optic cable with 400 μm / 0.22 NA fiber, SMA connectors, and a visible anti-reflection (AR) coating. It is 2 m long and can handle power levels above 30 W due to the air-gap SMA connector, which does not require heat sinking. The high-power fiber ...

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