TEC Controllers  


Opt Lasers has created several kinds of TEC controllers - temperature control devices. Choosing the right cooling solution is important for many reasons. One of them is heat dissipation. For example, when the working temperature of the system is constantly higher than expected, there is no need to use a cooling/heating TEC controller. A module with only a cooling option will absolutely be enough. However, some systems may require both cooling and heating to ensure optimal operating temperature. In a situation when the temperature of the environment is changing quickly or is lower than desired, a temperature controller with a full bridge may be needed. There is no “best” temperature controller since each of them depends on the system requirements and environmental conditions.

Additional functionalities like UART communication, size, PID algorithm or maximum current should also be taken into consideration especially when the system is expected to be upgraded in the near future. Remember that using a proper TEC controller assures better efficiency of the laser diode and therefore extends its lifetime.


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